Music Video Monday

I almost let a Monday slip by without a Music Video Monday post! I have chosen a Peter Gabriel video was such a hard decision, I love all his videos...he is a legend! So this video is called "When You're Falling" and it was released around the same time as 9/11 so it really didn't get much's apparent why when you watch the video! But Peter Gabriel uses such vivid images in his videos...guess that's why I think they're so amazing. So enjoy the video...and if you are also looking for a good laugh today, you MUST click here to watch a video from a comedy show in made me laugh out loud when nobody was around...bahahaaa!


kelle said…
The Peter Gabriel video was amazing! I can totally understand why it didn't get much airplay. The other video is hilarious! I laughed out loud as well (with just me in the room).

Good choice of videos for Music Video Monday! Looking forward to next Monday.
shinbone #4 said…
funny.... very funny and the Ben Kanobi one was good too!! hahaha
Actually at the end of the Peter Gabriel one I said aloud... huh!x2
it was somehow strangely intriguing!! :D And the other one well... it's a bit of a giggle innit??
Renee said…
That Ben Kanobi vid was funny...had to forward that on to my brother in