La Gran Aventura Caracas

I've been trying to slowly sort through some photos and sometimes I laugh because I can't remember why or when I took some of them.  But I came across this one and I thought it is fitting...
"La Gran Aventura"....The Great Adventure.  Life is certainly an adventure these days!  If we haven't been in contact recently, then you might not know that I'll be heading back to Caracas on July 31 for another term.  Already having lived in Caracas for 3 years, I'm excited to go back to see friends, familiar sights, and eat some of my favourite foods again.  But at the same time, a lot has changed....some friends have moved away, and some of those treats are a little harder to come by these days.  Living in another country and culture isn't always the "adventure" it's cracked up to be...there are frustrating, difficult days in amongst the great days as well. However, I really want to live these next few years with the attitude of 1980-something Space Guy in the Lego movie: optimistic, determined, abundant in grace, and always looking for opportunities.  (Note of clarification: I want to always be looking for opportunities to be used by God, not build a Lego spaceship.  I'll leave that to 1980-something Space Guy)  Please join me in prayer over this next month and a half as I prepare to leave Canada once again, and for the continued peace of Christ in my heart for this decision.  I'll try to update the best I can :) Thank you!!!