Immigration Officers Gone Wild

It's been a bit of a stressful week for me here in Caracas....It's that time of year again, when I make the trek to the immigration office to renew my visa (which usually turns into 4 or 5 treks).  My last trip to the office yesterday included an officer who had no interest in answering any of my questions, who yelled at me (because he didn't understand what I was asking), and who walked away from me while I was still asking questions. I followed him out as he left the office, and he started yelling at another lady who had obviously been waiting to talk to him. I know that the Angers have also had some run-ins with him while they have been waiting for their ID cards but thankfully God gave me an extra helping of grace as I walked back to my car. It's been a rollercoaster, as we are still learning how things work here when it comes to our documents as foreigners but I'm thankful that it looks like things will work out so that I can arrive in Canada in August.  Would you please pray for these specific things:
-I will go to the Canadian Embassy tomorrow (Friday) to renew my passport.  I tried doing it today but I didn't quite arrive in time.  Oops! Story of my life!
-July 15 I will submit my paperwork for my Venezuelan visa renewal
-Whenever the visa is completed, I will submit my application for renewal of my Venezuelan ID card.  Will the paperwork and wallet size photos ever end???
-In the meantime I will attempt to book a flight back to Canada.  Flights out of Caracas are a little scarce these days, but I should be able to get a flight through Panama.  Dunkin' Donuts time!!!

Please pray all these things fall into place, along with the usual craziness of packing my house up and putting things into storage.  I will keep y'all posted!


Ruth said…
Dear Kelly, Dear woman prayers are with you as you head into this very unstable time called transition!! If you have total breakdowns, know that you are allowed… you are not going crazy you are in transition. Many have gone before you and thought we were total basket cases but the Lord is faithful, He gets transition and He is there for the whole journey. Blessings Amiga, Love, Ruth
Kelly said…
Hi Ruth! Thanks for the encouragement! Sometimes I do feel like I'm on a one-way train to crazyville...but then I remember that it's normal :)