Pots and Pans

It was a loud evening tonight! Yesterday, Maduro won the presidential election by a narrow margin. Capriles, the candidate for the opposition has called for a recount of the votes, but this afternoon Maduro said the results are irreversible and there will be no recount. Capriles has countered this with a call to his supporters for peaceful protest. There had been protests earlier in the day, part of a freeway was blocked, and apparently tear gas was used. But this evening at 8pm his supporters went into the plazas, stood at their windows and took to the streets banging pots and pans, blowing whistles, honking horns and setting off fireworks in protest.  It was LOUD!! It sounds like there might be more protests organized for tomorrow, please pray that they stay peaceful, and that Venezuelans would have hope and peace in these days.