Return of the Blogger!

You can run but you can't hide! It's the return of....THE BLOGGER!!!!

Well, I suppose this picture isn't my most flattering, OR scary..... but it makes me laugh every time I see it. This is me and my awesome new friend Kendal, she rocks my socks off (which is obvious, looking at the pic of us). We finally got to meet (albeit much too briefly) while I was in Canada over the Christmas holidays. I had an awesome time making my way from Sylvan Lake and Red Deer, to Edmonton, to St. Paul (where I made some more new friends!), to Cold Lake, to North Battleford via Lloydminster, a brief stop in Maidstone, and a final stop in Leduc before flying back to Venezuela. It was quite the whirlwind trip but it really did fill my heart. Highlights included visiting with friends new and old, watching some epic lightsabre battles/dancing at the Haazen household, Christmas with extended family, two turkey dinners, and skating! Some things I found strange about being back at Christmas were my trips to Walmart, the traffic, fashion (amazing how quickly it can change!), and how easy it was to converse with people (which resulted in me talking alot, and super fast my first few days back!) Thanks to everyone who made my trip a great one! I made it back to Caracas safe and sound on Jan 2 and things seem to be getting busy again. All of a sudden I seem to have all sorts of little projects to work on....and being someone who is not a great multi-tasker, I'm hoping that I'll be able to spread myself out as needed! This next month will also bring apartment hunting, as I have to move out of mine (boohoo!). Finding a rental in Caracas is not easy and despite everybody else's pessimism about it I am going to choose to stay positive and trust that God will lead me to just the right place within my budget. I would appreciate your prayers!

I hope to get out a newsletter in the next couple weeks as well, so stay tuned later this month. And one thing I want to try is some video blogging this year. Some churches have asked me to send them videos once in a while, so I thought this could be useful in a number of ways, and of course help my friends and family to remember what I actually look like. So that will be coming in February. Anyhoo, I guess that's all for the moment. I'll leave you with another picture of my happy moment skating...maple leaves and all.


shawn idell said…
Jealous that you were in E-Town! I was in Oklahoma for Christmas with all four of my sons but sin mi esposo. Back in smoggy Santiago, missing boys, glad to be with Greg. Take care! God's blessings on your ministry.
Todd B said…
Wow, Kendal is so super excited about being famous on the Christian Internet... Way to go Jesus! Yay!