One day at a Time

Hello! I finally am able to sit down and assemble some sort of update! Hooray! Here are some highlights of what's going on in my life these days:

-I still don't have internet! I talked to someone in customer service this week and they basically said to "just keep waiting". Needless to say, I'm going to try to find an alternative provider...
-I am settled in my apartment, and I'm slowly finding things to fill it. Shopping here can be a full-time job with the time spent waiting in traffic and comparing prices!
-I am enjoying my church here in Caracas, "Encuentro con Dios". Everyone welcomed us with open arms and I am slowly getting to know a few people. I have also been able to meet an American who is here with the Southern Baptists, and I'm hoping to get to know her better too. We got connected because she lived with the same Costa Rican family as I did, just a year before me!
-Yesterday I attended my first meeting with the children's ministry team from the church...what a great group of women and I'm looking forward to meeting with them regularly and assisting them in any way that I can (while learning from them too of course!!)
-In 2 weeks I will begin working on my Spanish again with a tutor. I feel that I am getting a little rusty with some grammar, since my practice is not as concentrated and focused as it was when I was at language school. This extra help each week will hopefully help me to gain more confidence.

...and the best update I can give you is that I love living in Caracas! Some days it has been very hard to be here as well, especially those days when I just can't seem to communicate or understand Spanish. But I just try to cling to Christ each day and somehow I have been stumbling my way through. But when I look at the "big picture", I am so happy to be here, and living in such a beautiful city with amazing Venezuelans (and the weather doesn't hurt either!).

Please continue to pray:
-for our safety, things have been pretty great, but we still don't want to let our guard down when it comes to safety.
-for travel and mercy at the border as I'll be flying out of the country this weekend for 4 days so that I can renew my tourist visa. We are working on getting a one year renewable resident visa but it is taking a little longer that we thought so the Hiebert family and I do need to exit the country.

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If you have any questions about life in Venezuela or my ministry, please feel free to send me a message, I would love to hear from you!

**I did try to post some photos on Blogger today but it was as if they were saying to me "Don't push it, missy"...they just wouldn't load.