Home Sweet Hotel

Well, we're still hangin' out at the hotel, but it has become a good temporary home. I am repacking some of my suitcases because I seem to be running out of clothes. I have been digging down deep into my bags to find clean pants and shirts, because I used a lot of my clothes to pack breakable things. Genius at the moment of packing, so annoying on a Sunday morning when I can't find my pants! We headed off to church Sunday morning and had a great time visiting afterward. We met our pastor's son, who is a Canadian citizen because he was born in Regina while his dad was attending seminary. Right now he lives in Victoria and attends UVic so it was great to chat with someone who has a frame of reference for our homes in Canada. He'll be heading back in two weeks to return to University.

After church I headed out with 2 new friends, we had a great meal at a Lebanese restaurant (note to self: I MUST go back and get the labneh!!!). However, on our way back to the hotel to drop me off, the car battery died twice and we had to pop start it! I'm thankful that everyone stayed calm even while driving with no headlights and that we were even able to laugh a little bit afterward. I sure hope I have a few more adventures with those two.

Today I looked at an apartment that I really loved so I’m hoping the details can be worked out and I can move in soon. The only furniture included in the apartment is a king sized bed….Judging by the size of the elevator, I assume it was a nightmare to move in, I doubt they want to move it out again. I’m happy to have a bed, but I’m not sure how I’ll handle having such a big bed to myself! What side do I sleep on? How many pillows will I need to buy for it? Do I set my alarm clock ON the bed so I can reach it in the morning? Will I need to buy a step stool so I can actually get into bed? My legs are short: How long will it take me to make the bed in the morning if I have to walk all the way around to the other side?

I've been able to catch a few photos lately, but I'm not going to risk trying to upload them....I may crash the whole wireless connection here as I'm sure that all the people in this hotel are using the same connection...soooooo sloooooow! But I promise that as soon as I get a faster connection I'll get caught up on posting photos, including my last days in Costa Rica!


shinbone #4 said…
At least you have a bed!! I'm glad you found a place. I pray it will be a real blessing. p.s. Labaneh is SUPER easy to make at home. Basically you dump a tub of plain yoghurt into a cheese cloth or kitchen towel (placed in a strainer, placed in a bowl). The whey will start to come out and within a day - Voila! Labaneh. Some add a little salt. Although even before I went on this low sodium diet I didn't and I never missed it. I LOVE Labaneh, glad you have been introduced to it :D
Kelly said…
now i just need to get my zataar (sp?) from canada!!!!