An evening out!

Last Friday, I got to go experience some live music here in Costa Rica! A group from the school went to the Jazz Cafe to see Malpaís; they are a Costa Rican band that is very well known here. Their style is kind of jazz/folk/with a bit of rock thrown in. I have one of their CD's, so I was super-pumped to go! We headed over around 830 after a small crisis; the girl who organized the evening got locked IN her house. It's easier than you might think with all the gates and locks on the houses here!!! The band didn't didn't start playing until 10pm, so we had an hour to visit, order snacks and enjoy the evening out. Malpaís didn't disappoint and I would go to see them again in a heartbeat. It was great to see them in an intimate setting, and I loved how everyone in the room (except all the gringos) sang along to all the songs. I'm including a video of one of their's hard to find a good live video recording of them....most are shaky with terrible I chose a non-shaky option. Enjoy!