The countdown begins!

I just realized today that as of yesterday, I have one month left in Costa Rica....which, of course gives me barely any time to do all of the things I still want to do here. So I'm going to settle for one more trip to the beach, a couple more trips downtown and to the market, and a few more fruit smoothies at the restaurant down the road. What a great year this has been and what a great way to transition into the Latin American culture. These next few weeks I'm really going to try to be more diligent with the blogging so that as I get more details, you can share in the excitement of this move to Venezuela. Right now I'm trusting in God's daily strength to make it through the last few weeks of school, as well as packing, staying healthy, saying goodbye to friends (again)...etc. But something happened today that was such an encouragement to me. Chelsea and I decided to go to Walmart (yes, Walmart...I really should write about Walmart in another blog post...), but as we were getting ready to head out it started pouring. So I tried calling for a cab to come pick us up at the house but nobody would answer. We tried for about 10 minutes, redialing and redialing. Sonia, my host mom informed me that when it starts raining and everyone wants a cab, the dispatcher will just stop answering the phone because they won't be able to keep up with the demand! So I grudgingly went and got my umbrella and started complaining about having to walk down the street in the pouring rain to hail a taxi. And I was sure that we would have to wait on the street forever since they would probably all be full. Chelsea can attest to the fact that I was complaining to the point of being annoying (sorry about that)! I unlocked the gates and the moment I stepped out onto the sidewalk, a taxi drove by the house and motioned to me that he was free to take us. Seriously. If I had walked out 5 seconds later, I would have missed him. And during the drive to Walmart, it hit me that if He cares enough to send me a taxi, I can trust Him to take care of all the other things that are weighing on me right now, as well as for the unknown future. He anticipates and puts the wheels in motion (pun intended!!!) to answer our prayers even before we ask!


The BeTeam said…
Great story. And I have never known you to complain... too much... Thanks for sharing Kelly
One more month, seems like you just left us
Ana Mari said…
Sad to see you part but happy that God has your steps covered. I will be praying for you.
Nikki said…
God is good!