Book Review: Same Kind of Different as Me. By Ron Hall and Denver Moore

So here is my second attempt at a book review for Thomas Nelson Books...I have been working on reading this book for a while and finally finished it up!!! "Same Kind of Different as Me" by Ron Hall and Denver Moore is a true story of two very different men who formed a very unique and inspiring relationship. Ron Hall is a successful art dealer, and Denver Moore is a man who grew up in poverty and spent a good number of years in jail and living on the street. Through the love that Ron's wife had for the homeless in Fort Worth, Texas, Ron and Denver are thrown into each others paths. This books was a pleasure to read, although not easy at times. The experiences that Denver recounts in his narratives are, at times, excruciating and you are left with the understanding that he has left out some of the worst bits. "Same kind of Different as Me" is written from the perspective of both authors and switches back and forth between the men. Some parts of the story are told from both perspectives and I was amazed at how different two people can perceive the same situation. I really enjoyed the way each story is told separately at first, but as the book progresses, the two stories begin to intertwine. I must say that this book opened my eyes to a new perspective of homelessness, and the wisdom that can be learned from those who have experienced life in a way that I could never imagine. It was also a reminder to me of how God chooses to work through all sorts of people, in unexpected ways. If you are looking for a challenge in your heart, I highly recommend this will be inspired.

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Thank you to Thomas Nelson for sending me a review copy of this book, through their Book Sneeze blogger book review program. I was not obligated to provide a positive review of this book.


Verna said…
I ordered the book through interlibrary loan. Am still waiting for it. Always looing for a good read.
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