Paper Progress

Update on my paper battle: I finished Pride and Prejudice last night but did not quite finish going through my paper and receipts. Right before bed I was looking through some of my rubbermaid tubs and found one full guessed it....paper. My suspicion is that most of it will have a meeting with the shredder this weekend, but still, I felt that my progress had been set back. I also have a rather large stack of old bills to go through, and either shred or sort in my files...but thankfully my friend Theresa is keeping me accountable to have it done by Sunday. This is huge for me, and I feel that a very heavy weight is being lifted.

On another note, our pastor has been away in Uganda for the past two weeks and he and the team are currently on their way home. I am so looking forward to his stories, seeing pictures and being reminded about the blessing and privilege of assisting others. You can read all about their journey here. As I've read it, I've laughed, I've cried, and I've felt my heart pulled.


spazo said…
keep it up! you'll get it done:)