Have you hoard?

Now that I have been trying to make a return to blogging, I'm slightly baffled by all the new thingys that Blogger has. I call them thingys cuz really, I have no idea what I'm doing. I am going to have to sit down and figure this all out sometime. But right now I'm drowning in a sea of paper. I have decided to get my filing in order. I literally have three big boxes full of paper, receipts, invoices etc, so I'm trying to do some separating and shredding. In order to make this experience more palatable, I am watching Pride and Prejudice (the BBC/A&E version) so my goal is to be done with the paper by the time the movie is over (about 5 hours). Can it be done? We shall see. I have also realized that I am a bit of a hoarder....I know that I'm not compulsive about it and it has definitely not taken over my house...but still it has it's consequences. I hold onto things for long periods of time. Part of the reason that I have piles of paper is that I cannot throw a receipt out until I know for sure that a) the warranty is over or b) i am definitely not going to be returning it. And then it all just sits in piles, then I "file" it away in a corner. I seem to keep everything, since I have a problem parting with things for sentimental reasons or "just in case...I might need that again". What this amounts to is too much stuff in a very small house. Perhaps I'll keep you posted on my progress. Here is my very favourite hoarding story. I think I would have gotten along quite well with these dudes.


spazo said…
i have a similar problem:) but when i have trouble parting with paper, i remember helping to clean out my grandparents place when they moved into a condo....now there was a lot of stuff that was stored for way too long!!! it seems to help.