Here I Am!

OK, I've finally entered the age of technology. Not only do I have the internet at home now, but I have also started this blog after being inspired by Joy and some of my friends from Cold Lake. I'm not really sure when I'll find the time to update it (it is called "Sleepless in Sylvan" for a reason), but I'm sure I'll get around to it. My life is a little frenzied at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything! Christmas is coming so quickly, and it was so nice to take a few moments this morning during our large group time in Sunday School to light the advent candles and reflect on Christ's coming. There were some difficulties in communication, as we talked about Isaiah being a prophet and someone God told His special promises to. Some of the kids just couldn't get it straight that we were talking about a person, and not "profit" (although I was surprised that they knew what that meant too!). Sadly, I've been reminded lately about "profit"--I really do think that toy companies try to expoit children at this time of year! I am so glad that I am no longer working retail these days!!! By the way, I am officially done working at Sears, and am officially working full-time at the church! Woohoo!


Joy said…
yeah, I hooked another one! By the way I love that this blog is call ' Sleep less in Sylvan'. I loved the movie and your play on words is wonderful.
I can't wait to read what you write next and Can't wait to see to.
Lots of love Joy
dags said…
Thanks Joy, can't wait to see you too!
grace said…
Kelly! There you are!
My oh my, we need to chat and catch up. I assume there are lot's of changes in your life that I have no idea about. Let's chat!
Love you snookums!
Anonymous said…
Hey Kelly-girl:
Loved the blog - that's one thing that I haven't gotten into. Maybe another day. Your pic is great too!! It's pretty neat to see you and hear about how you are doing. Now, if only you would respond to your emails (LOL!) :)
Happy Day to You! Cherie