Not an early bird, but I caught the worm.

It's been a find-a-worm-in-your-mango kind of week.  No, I took a nice big bite then saw a worm meandering through the mango.  Thankfully, I hadn't swallowed yet! Blaaaaeeech.  Right now this transition phase is a bit of a beast, it's tiring, it's a rollercoaster.  But there are bright spots, and I'm thankful for teammates, family, and friends here and back in Canada who are walking with me through these crazy days, worms and all!

My great news for the week is that yesterday our passports were delivered back to us, with our visas stamped inside!! Woohooo!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for this to happen!! That means that I am one step closer to home assignment.  My flights are booked and although there are still a few things to be done here (renew my identification card, arrange to sell my car etc) I can *almost* allow myself to get excited to travel.  Things are never set in stone here and plans can change in an instant so now we are praying that everything else falls into place in the next two weeks and also that with all the problems surrounding airlines in Venezuela, our flights from Caracas to Panama City will remain secure. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go inspect the rest of my fruit.