Welcome Back, Transition

Well, I have been silent here for a little too long I guess.  **Hello? Anyone still out there reading this?** Over these last few month, with the unrest here in Venezuela, I've had a hard time figuring out just how to process and share my thoughts....so I just didn't. People have asked me lately if things are "back to normal" here.  My knee-jerk reaction is to say "NO!!" but then I realized that although there isn't as much happening as a few months ago, we have settled into a "new normal". That doesn't mean that that the protests, blockades, and tear-gas have stopped; they still continue on in a few concentrated areas.  But we are learning how to continue on with life and work around things.  I have never felt in danger, but I have been slightly panicked a few times trying to find my way back to my house when roads have been blocked...for those of you who know how directionally challenged I am, you will now be amazed that I even made it home at all!!  Maybe with some time I'll be able to return and articulate these last few months a little better, but at the moment I'm going to let it be, I hope you understand.  BUT there has been lots going on here, lots of travelling, lots of visitors and new teammates arriving!  I really need to pull together a newsletter and fill in the details, but just know that although it's been a trying few months, there has been so much richness and blessing in the midst of it! 

One detail I'm happy to share today, is that I will be coming back to Canada for home assignment sooner than I thought!  I originally thought I would be arriving in time for Christmas later this year, but after discussion with and agreement from leadership, I will be arriving in just a couple of short months...probably right at the beginning of August.  My home assignment will be a year long, and I'm really looking forward to connecting with friends and family, and visiting churches and supporters who have been my prayer and financial supporters, encouragers, and all-round cheerleaders over the past 4 years.  FOUR YEARS, people! How can the time pass so quickly?  While I'm excited to return to Canada, my heart is also breaking at the thought of leaving Venezuela.  Friends, favourite places...and the WARM CLIMATE make leaving very hard, so I would be thankful for your prayers over these next few months and if you are brave enough, a shoulder to cry on when I arrive back in the north!

vota, ora (vote, pray)


Brenda said…
Whoa! Thinking of and praying for you Dags! Intense ride with the sights and sounds etc of activities in your area and up and coming adjustments to being back for the year in Canada.