Christmas Road Trip

 Last Saturday we drove to Valencia (3hr drive to the west) for the annual Christmas luncheon for the pastors of the C&MA Venezuela.  It was a beautiful morning for a drive, not a cloud in the sky...which is amazing since we are still at the tail end of rainy season so it seems like it's cloudy every day!
 Although we thought we were a little late, of course we ended up being early....and Chris was asked to help lead the worship (that's him at the front on the left practicing for a few brief moments).  I admire Chris' flexibility and willingness to jump in and help on a moment's notice, and when he leads worship, I think God uses him in wonderful ways.
 Two of the pastor's wives chatting.  These women are integral parts of their churches as they lead their own ministries as well.
 When mostly everyone had arrived, we started the program....worship, news and greetings from each of the churches represented, gifts for the kids in attendance (and for us big kids too), a delicious Venezuelan Christmas meal, and encouragement and fellowship.
 This is Marcelo, the pastor of the church we met at for the luncheon, and the president of the C&MA in Venezuela.  We had a really enjoyable time visiting with the pastors and church leaders we are slowly getting to know better, and it was good to catch up on what God is doing through the Alliance churches in Venezuela.
 On the way home we passed by a garbage and/or grass fire, right on the side of the biggie.
Forgive the bad cell-phone photo...but it's a sight we always see on the way back to Caracas.  Images of some of the men who helped liberate Venezuela from Spain.  Roads, buildings, squares and monuments are named after them and they are even carved into this rock above the tunnels!

This trip was a great way to kick off celebrating this Christmas season, I hope December brings much joy and blessing to each of you also!


Unknown said…
Great post Kelly, love your newsy posts. Wish you could come home for Christmas and experience once again an cold Alberta day
Lloyd & Susan Bender said…
previous comment was mine, still new to this thing and I didn't think that a name was attached
Merry Christmas from the Bender's