Some of you may know that I went to my first Venezuelan dentist last week. It was not too traumatizing an experience, actually it was fairly enjoyable. I'm thankful that my parents were so diligent with getting me to the dentist and orthodontist when I was young, because it makes me feel so guilty that I haven't been since I left Canada (did I just admit that?), and I do want to do better!! So of course, it took a toothache to get the wheels in motion. Last Thursday I went to my spanish lesson and had my tutor help me think of all the vocabulary I might need at the dentist. Then I went to a dental office in my neighbourhood to make an appointment. It was 2pm, and they weren't taking appointments til I decided to keep walking and found another dental office that looked so much more welcoming. I got my appointment for the next day, Friday, and had a pretty good appointment with the dentist (other than the fact that she had to inflict pain in order to find out where the pain was coming glad I don't have her job!) She got me patched up a bit then gave me a cleaning...yes, the dentist did my cleaning! However, she didn't have an xray machine in her office so she sent me off with an order for xrays. I went today to get them done and will be making another appointment at the dentist, hopefully for this Friday.  I think this is the first time I've ever handled my own xrays so I couldn't resist taking a photo.  Please notice that my name is marked as Kelly Ryer.  Which reminds me of the pastoral retreat we went to where I was registered as Kerry Dyer, and the Hieberts were registered as Chris and Angela Dyer.

Anyway, here are my lovely teeth....

I feel that before I sign off, I should mention that anyone who is "dentally inclined" should not look too closely or tell me what they see wrong with my teeth, it will ruin the surprise for me at my next appointment!