Adventures off the Beaten Path

About a week and a half ago, I got to go on a road trip and as with any adventure in Venezuela, it was quite the ordeal!  We started by heading out to the C&MA National Pastor's wait, first we started with a prayer that our vehicles (ie: my car) would make the journey without incident.  After picking up some pastors and lay leaders in Cartanal, we managed to fit 10 adults, 2 kids, an infant, a stroller, and all our luggage into our two vehicles (my car held 6 adults and the baby so I'll let you use your imaginations).  We traveled through pouring rain and arrived in the town near the camp we were going to.  Our only instructions to arrive at the camp were to stop at the town square and ask for directions from there (!).  After asking 6 or 7 people, and a few wrong turns, we found our way to the country road and made it to the camp safe and sound.  I am convinced that if we didn't have any Venezuelans with us, we would have never found our way there!  It was a great weekend and I was able to enjoy time visiting with some of the leadership I have been getting to know over the past 2 years.  Blake &Kathy came all the way from the Island to speak at the camp and I am so thankful for their insight, encouragement, and investment in the pastors of Venezuela.

From the camp, the Hieberts, Blake and Kathy and myself headed to Colonia Tovar for a few days of rest and relaxation (see photo above). My car sure got put through it's paces on the switchback roads heading to the little town in the mountains! Colonia Tovar was settled by Germans many years ago and they built the town to basically remind them of being back home in Germany!  The descendants still speak German and serve delicious German food so I got my fill of schnitzel and sausage.  What an interesting mix of Venezuelan and German cultures. It's a great little place to visit and although touristy, it's so much calmer than being in the city! 

And the added bonus?  My car survived! Prayer answered :)