Warning! Creepy Crawly Broccoli Moment!

I must have blocked it from my memory, but I just remembered that I had another traumatizing moment yesterday trying to buy broccoli.  This would be my third trauma, and so I think that means I am now giving up broccoli for good (while I’m here, anyway).  My first trauma came maybe 2.5 years ago when I was still living in Costa Rica.  I was having lunch in a restaurant and my soup, that contained broccoli, also contained a small worm.  I had already eaten half the soup, but all of a sudden, it didn’t taste that good to me…..Second trauma, about a year ago.  “Let’s buy some broccoli!” I thought when I went to the grocery story.  I had been avoiding it because it requires soaking and thorough cleaning before cooking, and let’s face it…when it comes to food prep, I’m just lazy.  As I was looking through all the beautiful green and fresh heads of broccoli, guess what popped up and gave me the stink eye (I presume)?  Yes, another little worm.  So that brought me up to yesterday.  Again, in the produce aisle.  Craving broccoli.  And look!  Pre-packaged broccoli!!  Now, surely it’s been chopped up a bit more and they have pulled out any offensive bugs and creepy crawlies.  I picked up one package….ONE PACKAGE!  And of all the packages I picked up, this one had a……well, I’m still trying to figure out what it was in that package.  I could only look at it so long before I just got totally creeped out.  But my best guess is that it was a baby snake. But dead and refrigerated for who knows how long.  I could have picked any package on the shelf, and probably walked away happy…why did I have to pick that exact package???  Anyway, I’m sorry to say my broccoli days are now over except at events where it is unavoidable, and even then I will inspect my food more closely than a CSI at a crime scene.

I have had quite a busy few months, which I would love to tell you all about too…and I will.  I just had to get the broccoli story out there first for y’all because I know how much you love hearing about the moments that make me squirm!