La Playa, Primaries, Playing, Parts...and Packing.

My blog has been quite neglected the past few weeks, only because I don't have an internet connection at home right now. I have a mobile internet stick, but this month I used the time up too quickly and it doesn't recharge until the 15th....and so I am left with my Blackberry, which allows me to keep up on Facebook and Twitter, but it's just too difficult to type out a whole blog post on it! By the way, you can follow me on Twitter @sleeplesskelly and keep up with me there if you like. After having a twitter account for the past 2 years, I am finally starting to figure it out and have some fun with it. And still trying to figure out the purpose of a hashtag.

Here's what's going on in my life at the moment...
-La Playa! Went with the Hieberts and some of our Venezuelan friends to the beach on Saturday...We drove an hour and a half to the coast, stopped and ate some sort of fried tamale-type delight filled with shark meat (so delicious!). Then we got on a boat taxi and were driven about 40 minutes away to a beach. The only way to get to the beach is by boat, but there were lots of people there, a couple of restaurants and plenty of reggaeton music! It was a beautiful sunshiny day, hot and although I tried to stay in the shade, I managed to get a bizarre burn on my back (no lectures please!).
-Primaries....Yesterday Venezuelans went out and voted in the primary elections for the person who will run against Chavez in the presidential elections in October. A man by the name of Henrique Capriles has won, and the rest of the candidates who were running against him will now be backing him, so the next 8 or so months should be interesting!
-Playing! I am thankful to be making a few little friends among the kids at the church. There are some real precious little people and although it is difficult for them to understand my accent at times (and vice versa!), playing is a universal language. When I arrived at the church yesterday, a tiny little girl by the name of Teriany came over to give me a hug, grabbed both my hands and started getting me to swing her around and pull her up high when she jumped off a stair. The only speaking we really did was some counting in Spanish, yet we were both laughing and having fun. Kids are awesome!
-Parts. As in toilet parts. Yes folks, the toilet saga continues. Today I am going to replace what will hopefully be the last toilet part I ever replace. I never want to have to stick my arm in a toilet tank again. But let's face it, it's not likely. When I went to the store to pick up the new float, they didn't have any that would fit what was in my tank, so I had to buy the whole kit. So at least I have a small arsenal of parts for my next adventures in my new home.

And speaking of new home, I will be moving at the end of the month to a new place. It's a walk-out basement suite, not too far from where I live now and the owners of the house upstairs seem very nice. I will try to post some photos in a few weeks once I'm all moved in. So now I'm trying to get organized and pack a bit and buy a few new things that I will need in the new place (ie: dishes and a new long my king-sized friend!). I should be used to packing my life up and moving it by now....but to be honest, it just never gets easier!


Anonymous said…
Oh Dags, how I wish I could be there to just procrastinate with you... or 'help' with your packing (I'm remembering back to a certain Wascana move... and a late night BP's run that I will never forget). Please do post pics of your new place! A basement suite? Sounds so Canadian! Love you! T.
Chantelle said…
I wish i could agree your toilet troubles are over. But likely not. Both the toilets in our house continually breakdown, run over, don't stop running, etc and drive me crazy. We bought the best parts available in Niger and still they don't work. Courage my friend!

Hope the move goes well!