Cartago, Costa Rica...Basilica de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles

Here is a great little video showing the Basilica I visited at Christmastime in Cartago. A few interesting things about this church...

-Notice the people 'walking' up the aisle on their knees. This is a sign of reverence to "La Negrita" or "The Black Virgin" (statue is shown in the video). In August there is a festival in Cartago and there is a 22 km pilgrimage to the Basilica. Many people choose to crawl the 22 km on their hands and knees.
-Many people believe that the stone where La Negrita was found in the 1600's has healing powers, as well as the water that flows out near the stone. People collect the water in bottles (which you can buy there, of course) and drink it or apply it to their body. People leave offerings at the stone, in hopes of healing. For instance, many people bring a small silver charm in the shape of a body part (eye, ear, nose, arm, leg etc) and leave the charm at the stone with their prayer for healing of that part of their body. Many people also leave gifts of great value for thanksgiving. There are cases full of these silver charms on display, as well as cases full of items like University diplomas, jewelry, and trophies given to thank La Negrita.

Please remember in your prayers, those in Latin America who worship and put their trust in idols instead of God.