These Are a Few Of My Favourite Things....Part 1

One month down, two and a bit to go! My time here in Costa Rica will soon be coming to an end, and I am going to be a little sad to leave. Of course, I'm so excited to be moving to Venezuela and I am looking forward joining in with what God is doing in the city of Caracas. But San Jose has become "home" for almost a year now and I'm just finally starting to feel "normal" here. And so I've been thinking lately about all the good things in Costa Rica that I'm going to miss. This will probably take a few installments, but I hope you will enjoy hearing about some of the things that I've enjoyed and experienced this year! are a few of my favourite Tico things....

Pops: What trip to Costa Rica would be complete without a trip to Pops? Pops is an ice cream shop chain that can be found on just about every street corner in San Jose. They have a variety of delicious ice creams, including flavours unique to Latin America like limón (kind of a cross between a lemon and a lime), cas, guanábana, mora (a type of blackberry), and kola. They also serve awesome milkshakes and a Costa Rican drink called "The Churchill". But I've learned the hard way that if you walk out of their air-conditioned shops, the ice cream will melt at an alarming rate...turning a leisurely stroll home into a frantic dash so you can wash your shirt before the stain sets.

Stores with Random Items: When it comes to all the little stores lining the streets of the city, anything goes. If a vendor can aquire items at a low price and resell them for a profit, there will be a place for the item in their store. I've walked by a store that sells guitars and musical instruments, as well as pots and pans. A while ago there was a store by my school that only sold light fixtures and hooded sweatshirts. This makes shopping a lot of fun, because you just never know what you might come across in a store. It can also make things frustrating as you might have to visit 10 stores before you find that one little thing that you were actually looking for!

The Rainforest: They say that the beauty of Costa Rica is found outside of San Jose. Although I love San Jose, I definitely agree with this statement. The beauty of the rainforest is something indescribable. The air is so fresh and clean, the innumerable species of animals (and the sounds that never cease-a little unnerving at times), and my favourite part, the tarzan vines!!! In Costa Rica, you also find "cloud forests" which is kind of like a rain forest, but it is usually veiled in low-lying clouds/fogginess. It's an amazing feeling to be standing in the middle of a cloud as it passes get wet without being rained on, it's more of a mist. And the rainbows are out of this world (yes, even double rainbows....all the way!). If you ever have the opportunity to visit Costa Rica, the beach resorts are nice, but try to get out and tour the rainforest and/or cloud forest!

Well, I will wrap this up for now...I hope everyone is enjoying their spring, summer is just around the corner!