Hockey Night in....Costa Rica!

It's that time of year again...yes the playoffs are here! I'll admit it's a little strange to be in a country where hockey is no big deal. On a side note, China just built Costa Rica a big new shiny soccer stadium. I think the Canadian government needs to show a little goodwill to CR and build an ice rink!!! I attend a school where the majority of students are American, but only a handful have any interest in hockey. I have found one fast friend from California who is a Kings fan...but I will forgive her. Thankfully there are a few fellow Canadians here who understand why I smile at the mention of the word "zamboni". Kind of by accident this week, I found a few hockey terms translated into Spanish, so I went on a quest to find as much terminology as I could. I even found an internet site where a serious debate was going on (in Spanish) over the translation of the term "chippy". The verdict: unresolved. So I'm looking forward to catching some games online--it's kind of a taste of home, especially when it's tuned into CBC television. Then I get the full deal, including commercials about David Suzuki and petitions to tune into 'The National' after the game. Anyway, here is my list of Spanish hockey vocabulary (commit it to memory--there will be a quiz on Monday), followed by a soundbite of a hockey announcer that made me laugh....


hockey game=partido de hockey

ice hockey=hockey sobre hielo.... as opposed to.....

field hockey=hockey sobre hierba


goal crease = zona de la portería

goalie, goaltender = portero

goalie's stick=bastón del portero

face-off spot = punto de saque

centre face-off circle = círculo de saque inicial

face-off circle = círculo de reanudación del juego

period=tiempos (tres tiempos)

blue line=línea azul

red line = línea media/roja


neutral zone=zona neutral


wing, winger=extremo


linesman=juez de línea

boards=valla de madera



stick blade=pala del stick




skate blade=cuchilla





mouthguard=protector bucal






penalty box/bench=banquillo de los penaltis

playoff=los playoff


The Yee's said…
Loved the video clip! Hope you can find some time to enjoy some hockey online. I feel that I should know this, but who are you cheering for???
Kelly said…
well, my oilers are out, so i'm going to cheer for montreal!
Don Palm said…
Speaking of bad announcers, here's another "Boom Goes the Dynamite" I found related to your own excellent link.
Serge said…
This list of translations for Hockey terms would surely be important for those who might just be starting out to learn these terms.