Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News....

I do not enjoy visiting the doctor. But today I finally had to give in. I was sick with the flu back around the new year, and the cough has been lingering. And so I decided enough was enough. But, oh....that meant I would have to go to the doctor. There is a doctor who comes to my language school twice a week so it is very easy and convenient for students to make an appointment. He is a Canadian MK who grew up and then stayed in Costa Rica...and he was certain that his sister in law MUST know SOMEBODY from Cold Lake. We got everything checked out and he gave me a prescription for a mountain of medications to open my lungs, stop my coughing and get rid of whatever I've been stuck with. Unfortunately, he also told me that my blood pressure is too high. We decided that it could be because I had an hour and a half Bible study to lead right after my appointment, so I'm going to go get my pressure taken again tomorrow and see if has gone down! Today's doctor visit also marks the first time I have ever had to pay to see a doctor! Costa Rican's, like Canadians have a form of socialized heath care, but because my student visa still has not arrived, I am required to pay. However, I realized today how blessed I am to have grown up in a country with excellent health care, and now to live in a city with accessible heath care as well. I realize that many around the world (and even in Costa Rica) do not have this luxury. So thank you, Lord for access to doctors, thank you for the means to buy my medicine, and thank you for good friends who I can trust to give me an injection! (Thanks, Kristen for your superb injection skills!!)

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