Oct already?

Where does the time go? Had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and was able to have 2 turkey dinners here in Costa Rica! Our first one was on the Saturday with other Canadians from the language school, and the second one was with the Canadian contingent of the C&MA here in Costa Rica. (I've posted a photo below of the whole crew).

School is keeping me busy these days, and I am often overwhelmed by the amount of information thrown at us each day. This week we are halfway through the first trimester and so we had our mid-point reviews with each of our teachers. I had great reviews and was really encouraged. However one of my teachers says that I am not bold enough when I speak. I always feel that if I want to say something, I want to say it correctly...or just not say it at all...which is no good when you are trying to learn a language. I'm realizing the difficulties of learning a new language and I think if I went to school for 5 years it still wouldn't be enough!!! But slowly, bit by bit I am understanding and speaking more.

The weekend before last I was able to enjoy a retreat weekend in Tambor with the rest of the Canadian Alliance Team here in Costa Rica. We had a great long weekend of relaxing and connecting and contemplating and worshiping. What a treat to breath the fresh air and enjoy the roar of the ocean. This week is spiritual emphasis week at school (which means no homework! yay!) and we can attend 2 chapels each day. Our speaker is Dr. David Sills and he has been a pleasure to hear from and be challenged by. I'm planning to buy one of his books this week, so I'll let you all know what I think of it!

I'll leave you with 2 photos: the first is the Canadian C&MA international workers here in Costa Rica, and the second is of our beautiful view at Tambor....do I really live here???


Lynn said…
Kelly, so glad you have a blog!
Really happy you got some rest in with all that language studying, really I don't envy you but the in the end it's all worth it.... What's that saying, no guts, no glory....Yes I really can't believe it's Oct. myself and almost November, don't you love Thanksgiving, it's a really good excuse to pig out! Love Lynn