Thursday, September 09, 2010


Hooray for small victories! Do you remember those cheezy Toyota commercials where they jump at the end? Today I had one of those kind of days...I could have jumped in the air, with a double fist pump! When I was packing for Costa Rica, I ended up leaving behind a lot of things that I thought I would actually take. One item I ended up leaving behind was my daytimer. It was one of those last minute, split decision things where I looked at it and thought "nahhh, what would I need this for? it's just going to add extra weight to my bags and besides, I'd rather take a pair of shoes". Of course I completely forgot that I was going to SCHOOL, where there would be EXAMS and DEADLINES. So, trying to be all tech savvy, I decided to use my computer for more than Facebook stalking and made a beautiful calendar with Microsoft and filled in all my appointments and dates, and even scheduled in my study time etc. But there is just one problem...I don't bring my laptop to school, therefore I can't see my appointments. This problem became apparent yesterday at noon, when I missed a meeting. So this afternoon was spent trying to figure out a way to make my calendar portable without using my laptop. And then I realized my new ipod nano has a calendar function. Long story short, I figured out how to move my calendar to my ipod (which now functions as my voice recorder for my phonics class, sound system, mini-tv, radio, video camera, and DAYTIMER), go it up and running and will hopefully make it to meetings from now on. (Do I hear a chuckle????) In a new culture where crossing the street takes more mental energy than calculus, and at a language level where I can carry on a delightful conversation with a toddler (...maybe), it's small victories like this that make me feel that I can accomplish something!



Daniel and Linda said...

Thats is so funny...I did have a chuckle. Way to go, finding a solution...sounds like a commercial for apple in the making...glad to hear your conversing with toddlers, things are looking up...LOL....glad to hear your sense of humor is alive and well...our prayers continue for you, take care...God Bless

Tiene gran día Kelly

kelle said...

I just chuckled while reading this post. Good for you for finding a solution! Yay for small victories!

Joan D said...

LOL.... well, you can never have too many shoes!! I remember the decisions that had to be made in that regard. :)

Monty P said...

Wow. Looking at your Spanish lessons - they're much more intense than mine were! We were just sort of thrown to the wolves - living with a family and figuring it out (okay, we had five half-day lessons/week for the first month, and a little bit later on for a couple of months. But most of it was just the "sink or swim" type of learning.)

Glad you realized the power of an ipod! Not that I speak from experience. Sigh. Have to wait until my cell phone finally dies, then I'll pick up an iphone.

Que Dios te bendiga!

Janet said...

WTG Kelly. I can't live without my calendar in my iphone. It is my life line when it comes to going to the right school on the right day.

BTW the kids say hi! and we miss you.

Kelly said...

Thanks Janet! I miss you guys too! Say hi to the kids for me!

shinbone #4 said...

YAY! Praise God for giving someone(s) the brains to invent the iPod and it's many wonderful functions!! :D

Susy Q said...

It's all sounding like you're adjusting well. I wanted to tell you that after reading on your blog about the free books and book reviews that I've now received two free books and have also written 2 reviews! My blog address
Yes and I had the opportunity to read my 3 year old granddaughter the Three Tamales book this past weekend and she was way way better at the spainish words - por favor. Pretty basic stuff! Anyhow, hope your system keeps track of you...and here's a promise just for you:
"Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers." Eph 4:29 (that was from God's Promises for Women of Faith! - God Helps Women to Grow by....controlling the tongue.