Adventures in Packing...Part 1

Since I'm procrastinating/avoiding other things at the moment, I decided today would be an excellent day to start packing the books in my office. This is actually fairly comical, since for the past 4 years or so, most of my "work" books have been on my office floor or at my house. A few weeks ago, a beautiful new bookshelf was put in my office and I quickly filled it and even brought a few boxes of books from home. Now less than a month later, I'm tearing it all apart again! Because I'll be storing most of my books in my parents' basement, I figured I should catalogue my books as well, for insurance purposes, in case anything happens to them. I've decided on a numbered box system, where I record the Box #, then list the books in the box (title, author, ISBN#). Also, I figured this would be the best way for me to locate a book at a later date, so I can avoid "needle in the haystack" adventures. Today I packed and recorded 88 books and I feel like I have barely made a dent! And guess what? I get to do this all over again with my books at home! Yipee!! I can hardly wait to find out how many books I have...the horror!


Tarasview said…
first of all- I LOVE this background! I drooled over it in template builder too :)

second- I am impressed. I would hate to have to catalogue all our books!! Yikes.
Amanda Daybyday said…
I agree with Tara. I'm very impressed too. I can't imagine how long that would take to do all ours.
Jamie said…
Sounds like a big job!