NKOTB-Part 1

I feel that it is finally time for me to stand up, be an adult, and admit to my outright obsession with New Kids on the Block during late 80’s and early 90’s. Those of you who are close to me may remember this, and you may have even shared in this obsession yourself…I’m not here to judge. Now that they are making their “comeback”, I’ve been having a hard time bringing myself to listening to them for fear of rehashing all the memories of my love for them. For example: video taping all their videos off of Much Music as well as any special or documentary about them and watching them over and over. Being a hermit in my bedroom with my pink ghettoblaster. Memorizing every single lyric they sang (but of course didn’t write). Buying every single Teen Beat, and Bop magazine that had their picture on the front cover. Writing letters to Joey that I would never send. Drawing pictures of Joey in my sketch book. Plastering pictures of Joey on my ceiling and in my locker at school. Seriously, the list could go on and on. That being said…I finally sat down and decided to take a trip down memory lane (so far, no sign of re-obsession). So I’m sharing this video with all of you: Hangin’ Tough. The video that made me fall in love with New Kids on the Block. Darn you Donny and your ripped jeans!!!! Arguable their best video. The dance moves were still cool, not cheesy (a la Tonight, Step by Step, or their newest vid, Summertime…hello!) and you just couldn’t help yourself from waving your hand in the air. Here are a few things I noticed while watching the video…
-The girls crying = me. Big bangs, scrunchy, and big button down shirt paired with stirrup pants and a big belt. And yes, I may have shed a tear or two when I went to see them in concert. I’m not gonna lie.
-The girls obviously think that Donny’s “Home Boy” shirt, rat tail, and peace symbol pendant are hot. Was that hot at one time? I do believe it was.
-I never really realized that they’re playing a baseball bat instead of a guitar.
You may have noticed that this is part one of my blogging about New Kids. Why blog about the New Kids? I have no idea. I guess it's cathartic.


Renee said…
I will NOT admit that I listened to NKOTB and liked them...I will NOT admit I had even one of their albums and played it all one summer...I will NOT admit that I know any of the words to Hangin' Tough...and I will NOT admit that I had a crush on Jon....however I will admit that their new song Summertime is annoying at best and it totally makes me want to scream when it becomes stuck in my head...I'm just sayin!!! LOL! Oh and YAY!!!! you blogged!!! can't wait for part deux!
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shinbone #4 said…
I thought I hated NKOTB at the time, just because they were so trendy.. but I have to admit, I knew all the songs and all the lyrics. hahaha
oh, p.s. can you tell your mum I won't be home in time for my eye appointment, I'll need to rebook when I get back.
Thanks Kelly!!
Swoosh said…
I really wasn't that into them, either, and I think it's because my mom wouldn't let me listen to them or something like that. But you'd think his arm would get tired from waving it in the air like that, and as to the question "are you tough enough" - they'd probably get beat up from dancing like that . . .