Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spring Adventures

Who decided that all busyness and all matters of craziness would begin in April? My calendar is filling up so quickly...too quickly actually. And I keep thinking that I'm missing stuff. The worst feeling is realizing that you are supposed to be somewhere...a day after the fact. I've also had a bit of a rollercoaster ride dealing with a certain company that I ordered some products from for the church. I was promised the items would be couriered (since they had been holding them in the warehouse for weeks for a reason I won't get in to) and they ended up arriving a week after the fact (and 2 days later than when we needed them). And in the package I found part of someone else's order that I ended up having to ship back. And that, mixed in with some other crazy stories, made me decide to switch companies. I'm a person who is very loyal, but this just took the cake. I'm hoping that this isn't a sign of the coming month! To add to the busyness, I'm making a list of things that I need to do for spring cleaning. Please don't laugh, why are you laughing? Last fall the leaves didn't all get raked up. The guy who was living downstairs raked the first bunch up, some got put in bags (by me), and then he just left a whole bunch in a pile, saying that he would take care of it. And then it snowed. So now there is a nice soggy brown pile of leaves in the yard with who knows what growing underneath. The other thing I need to tackle is washing my house. The outside. I live by the lake and so I'm overrun by spiders. In the summer they have tons of little spider fun making webs all over the house. Then bugs and fluff and leaves get stuck in the webs and get plastered to the house. So I've decided to wash my house. Look at me go! I will have to commission Tanneal to take some pictures of me doing this, it has disaster written all over it.


Tara said...

oh yes! Please get pictures of yourself cleaning the outside of your house!
You are far more ambitious than I am... my only goal is to watch the snow melt outside :)

kelle said...

can't wait to see those pictures!! and i'm sorry to hear about the trouble you have had with that company...hope you have a great month in spite of the busyness.

Renee said... shivers reading about the spider glad I don't live in or around your house....lmao...I admit...I'm arachniphobic(sp?) my goosebumps have umm yeah good luck with I need to spring clean me lazy but I don't wanna!!! Maybe if you post pics it will inspire

shinbone #4 said...

wow.. spidah killa... I'm impressed. Or at least I will be once you get it done :D
Sorry about all the frustrations... hope you find someone that works better for you!

Jinny and Colin said...

Hey! I tagged you on my blog. :)