Music Video Monday

Here's a little something to get you in the mood for the Christmas season! This one's for my Dad, since the song is by Trans Siberian Orchestra which is one of his favorite bands! I just watched "Deck the Halls" at the theatre last week, and this Christmas light craziness totally reminded me of that movie. I'm trying to figure out where this may have been filmed as it doesn't look like there is any much cooler would this be with snow everywhere? The lights would have reflected a lot more...I really pity this guy's neighbours.


shinbone #4 said…
WOW!! That must have taken forever to set up!! Crazy!!! I don't think you could live in that while it was going on, but wow... at first I was watching it without the sound on and it was just trippy, but with the music it was amazing! Crazy but amazing. I think I would be afraid of people having seizures and suing me if I was the creator of this light show... I wonder if it's a japanese family?