A messy situation

Wonder of wonders, I actually have a few moments to spare and so I thought I'd just write a word or two to pass the time. I am waiting for Kid's Club to begin in about an hour--our last one for the year! I'm trying to think how I'm going to make it through the evening as I am experiencing some major back pain--yowch! My solution will be a stool that I saw on the stage earlier, but that just won't cut it for our action songs--I get my best workout on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings when we do music with the kids. Hopefully a few of the kids know first aid in case I keel over. I am also eating a Tim Hortons chunky chicken salad wrap. It is really good, but I started eating at the wrong end (typical of me) and now I have two open ends. I am going to run into some problems in a moment. Had a good day, my most productive day all week, so I'm feeling kind of on top of things again...almost. Wow, this was a super-boring post. I'll finish in grand style with my most favourite joke of all time (which, no doubt, some of you have heard me tell numerous times).
Q: What has a bottom at the top?
A: Two legs!


Renee said…
Well, I've never heard that joke b4...so rock on! Good to hear the Chicken Wrap from Timmies is good...been leery to try it...but I'll take your word for it and maybe give it a try...not to self...don't eat it from the wrong side lol
ZimZen said…
Dags, I'm breathlessly awaiting the result of the wrap story...!

So what happened? Did it fall in your lap?:)
T said…
Oh HA, HA Dags! Glad we're still on for tonight...a little girl power will relieve that aching back I'm sure (and if not, a stiff drink might suffice!) T.
shinbone #4 said…
A new post that is a little less than the usual is still better than no new post at all. And take heart, you did manage to finish with a great story about and open ended wrap (all of that could be switched around and it would still makes sense - ask me about that tomorrow)... and a great joke about an end at the beginning of something. Fantastic!!! And more than a little clever.
Talk to you soon!
Xx's G
dags said…
I managed to defeat the messy wrap...it's all about strategy.